Advantages of LucidControl USB IO Module Collection

Lucid Control IO Module

Whenever an automated solution is demanded, the LucidControl IO product collection should be considered as being a good option. The LucidControl devices are efficient Plug-and-Play Universal Serial Bus I/O Units with excellent characteristics turning any computer to some modular digital and analog DAQ, monitoring and control platform.


By processing analog as well as digital outputs and also inputs such as resistances, currents and temperatures, these functional Input Output modules are best prepared to control electric consumers including fans, pumps or even lamps by USB. Beside of being perfect prepared for house uses, USB IO Devices are additionally engineered to help accomplish a large number of crucial criteria for manufacturing services such as factory floor control.


USB IO Modules are actually a great option for automated systems because the modules can be added onto regular DIN-Rails which makes integration in to switchboards practical. The professional devices are industrial ready and they are equipped with reliable professional IO connectors. The possibility to install the equipment into switchgear cabinets together with solid terminals make them the right option for automated projects and the process field.


LucidControl USB IO Units are designed in order to be compatible with various operating-systems such as Linux and Microsoft Windows®. Because of the provided driver, which is offered in current operating-system, out of the box set up can be performed very easily within minutes.


Additionally, the USB IO Modules are appropriate for the impressive Raspberry Pi as well as the Texas Instruments Beagle Bone computer boards that are extremely popular today. Selecting these types of computer boards definitely makes the creation of web based and smartphone applications super easy.


To be able to improve the usability and to enhance the learning curve, LucidControl Modules can be managed by the identical software. Once a computer noticed the unit on its Universal Serial Bus LucidControl launches immediately.


All LucidControl USB I/O Devices are supposed to be controlled with the same user-friendly program making working with the modules very simple where it is not important how many modules are connected to a dedicated computer. Making use of the provided terminal application, the Python and Java® SDKs offer full utilization of all functionality of the LucidControl units.


Change a PC to a data acquisition and control system.

The USB IO Modules can be employed for numerous applications. Whenever digital and analog signals need to be acquired and generated e.g. in the workbench automation sector, the IO Modules can be employed to be able to manage fans, lawn sprinklers or any other electric consumers.


By using LucidControl USB IO Modules it is possible to develop switches or much more complicated automation applications for controlling and logging tasks. Considering that the I/O Devices are prepared to scale data such as temperatures and humidity, they furthermore dedicated to energy management applications.


Cycled outputs in addition to standardized analog 0-10V interfaces can easily create signals for handling valves, mixers and heaters of a central home heating operated by calculations based on quantified temperatures.


In the do it yourself field these low-cost LucidControl IO Modules are all prepared to handle LEDs producing different lightning environments. Not forgetting that all of these services are just a few ideas and they can be simply handled via the net by employing a smart-phone. At the moment a LucidControl USB Device is connected with a computer which is linked to the Web there are actually nearly no limitations of possibilities.

Flexible interfaces with USB Analog IO Modules and USB Digital IO Modules

In order to make them as useful as possible and also to handle most possible services, it is our firms objective to handle various analog and digital signals with this LucidControl USB IO Devices.


Ready for Raspberry Pi® and Texas Instrument BeagleBone Black computer boards

Raspberry Pi

PC computer founded LucidControl USB IO modules can be used with nearly all computer systems operating with Linux and Windows. Recently, mini computer boards such as the Raspberry Pi and the BBB became widely known. These computer boards deliver USB ports and allow to connect of display and keyboard.


Thanks to the supported Linux operating system these types of mini computer boards are ready to solve lots of tasks instantly. Tested and often free available software e.g. popular Web servers as well as database systems can make life less of a challenge. Once an Internet server was setup, the USB IO Module is all over the world reachable with all its features stable by web browsers.


Reliable databases e.g. MySQL are incredibly practical on the subject of solid logging of measured data at little effort. There are many example applications provided showing using LucidControlUSB IO products.


Documentation and and Software

The supplied documentation may be very thoroughly and give along with the tutorials useful suggestions like tips for various purposes. The terminal tool works together with all LucidControl USB IO Module and could be used as a immediate begin with the purpose to configure and control them without the need for any single line of software programming. Providing maximum access to the equipment and being available for most important operating systems without installation, it reduces development time to a minimum and additionally boosts the time to enter the market.


Portable and internet based solutions could be programmed very quick and straight forward by utilizing the command line tool. Software programming interfaces for several software development languages like Java® and Python are supplied.

Additionally, the modules are completely explained with nothing being excluded or kept hidden allowing creation of new ports for other programming languages or supporting other computer system platforms.


Our Concept & Support

We are the developer and manufacturer of LucidControl I/O products and we also use the devices for a lot of our purposes. We aim to make the start into the the LucidControl I/O system as simple as possible but if you have any difficulty which you can not fix yourself, please contact us and we will help you as good as possible in order to find a solution.


The software as well as the hardware have a modular and consistent concept which is clear developed and expandable. Customized value added modules can be developed by add on extensions which do not touch the principle of LucidControl USB IO devices but can implement different or additional functionality.


Since the flexible firmware can be updated in the field without extra devices, features or changes might be added quite simply - your investment is protected in the future.